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E. 'Acajou'

(Wilson) Red flowers. Broad leaves, quilted fern leaf pattern of silver green on dark mahogany background.

E. 'Adam's Rib'

(Easterbrook) Red flowers. Army green leaves with mint-green veins. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Alfred Sharpe'

Red-orange flowers. Mint green leaves with silvery shading in veins and chocolate quilted overlay. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Alice's Aussie'

(McGhee) Red-orange flowers. Large, irridescent rose-red leaves. (Photo courtesy of Sandy Russell and Carlynn)

E. 'Alice's Outback'

(McGhee) Red blooms. Nearly black leaves with bright rose-pink center and veining.

E. 'Aloha Mauna Loa'

(V. Parsons) E. 'Checkerboard' x E. 'Fire Lizard' Orange flowers. Fine red/pink veins with some bronze patches on the leaves. (Photos courtesy of Mona)

E. 'Aly's Pursy'

Bronze-pink leaves.

E. 'Annette'

Red flowers. Small silvery-pink leaves edged in bronze. (Photo courtesy of Dot Mann and Karin Dean)

E. 'Antique Velvet'

Red flowers. Silver mint-green centrally, green-brown quilting predominates shiny velvety leaves. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Auctioneer'

Pink flowers. Dark brown leaves, light green metallic mid-rib and veins. Similar to 'Pink Panther' but new growth is very fuzzy. (Photo courtesy of Amanda Rhymer)

E. 'Aztec Temple'

Olive green with pinkish veins. (Photo courtesy of Nikki Adams)