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E. 'Blackfoot'

Red-orange flowers. Silver and green veins, blushing into a raspberry hue, are surrounded by dark black-green. (Photos courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Blue Water'

Light lavender flowers blending to white with a touch of yellow in the centers. Green-brown leaves with light green center vein, accented with silver flecks. (Photos courtesy of Karin Dean and Amanda Rhymer)

E. 'Bold Venture'

No description available. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Bronze Queen'

Green leaves with heavy silver-green veining. (Photos courtesy of Karin Dean and Janice Norton)

E. 'Brown Beauty'

Red flowers. Large bright, shiny black-bronze leaves. Vigorous. (Photos courtesy of Janice Norton and Karin Dean)

E. 'Burning Embers'

Pink flowers. Dark brown leaves, vigorous. (Photo courtesy of Vicki)

E. 'Butter Oak'

Red- orange flowers. Pebbly light green leaves with pink hue and pink veins. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Butternut'

No description.