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E. 'Candied Crystal'

Silvery green leaf, dark green and pink edges with pink veins.

E. 'Canton's De L'est'

(Croteau) Red-orange flowers. Shimmering pale green with rosy-pink overtones. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Carnack'

Red-orange blooms. Bronze green leaves with intriguing green netting. (Photos courtesy of Karin Dean and Amanda Rhymer)

E. 'Centennial'

Red flowers. Small olive green leaves with pink veins.

E. 'Charlevoix'

(Croteau) Pale metallic green leaves overlaid in iridescent pink, dark green edge and veining. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean

E. 'Checkerboard'

Red-orange flowers. Olive green, pebbly foliage with occasional pinkish leaves/veins. Large grower. (Photos courtesy of Marjorie Bullard and Karin Dean)

E. 'Chocolate Cream'

Red flowers. Silvery brown foliage with metallic rose-pink netting. Compact. (Photos courtesy of Janice Norton and Joyce)

E. 'Chocolate 'n' Cherries'

(Easterbrook) Large red bloom with yellow dotted throat. Hairy chocolate leaves. Blooms well under low light. Introduced: 1973 (AGGS register) (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Chocolate Shine'

(D. C. Allen)

E. 'Chocolate Soldier'

Silver leaves are blush-pink with chocolate brown margins with brilliant orange blooms. (Photo courtesy Dory Lucas)

E. 'Chocolate Warrior'

Red-orange flowers. Very dark green leaves with mint green coloring in the midrib flowing out into the secondary veins. Medium to large foliage.

E. 'Christmas Cheer'

Red flowers. Bright green leaves with silver veins. Small. (Photos courtesy of Karin Dean and Kay Mitchell)

E. 'Christmas Season'

Pink flowers. Large, light mint-green leaves with silver overlay.

E. 'Citrine'

Red flowers. Silvery leaf with bright green edge. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Cleopatra'

(E.L. Easterbrook) Red flowers. Pale pink, white, and light green leaves. Sport of 'Frosty'. Terrarium culture recommended. (Photos courtesy of Kay Mitchell and Marjorie Bullard)

E. 'Cleopatra' (Canadian Clone)

Red flowers. Green oak leaf pattern with red-pink edge and cream veining. Supposed to be hardier than the original 'Cleopatra'. (Photo courtesy of Vicki)

E. 'Coco'

Metallic rose foliage with silver veins and blushing, dark black-brown edge. Compact. (Photo courtesy of Marjorie Bullard and Karin Dean)

E. 'Colombia Orange'

Orange flowers. Bright apple-green leaves. Commonly mis-spelled as 'Columbia Orange'. (Photos courtesy of Karin Dean and Marjorie Bullard)

E. 'Cora Weigel'

(Mrs. R. L. Kurzhals)

E. 'Coral Beauty'

No description available. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Coral Glow'

(Cronin) Red flowers. Rose/red leaves with darker border.

E. 'Cotton Candy'

(Luther) Large pink with cream center, fringed. Metallic green with some brown veins, edges. (Photos courtesy of Janice Norton and Dory Lucas)

E. 'Country Brilliance'

(Blansit) Red-orange flowers. Dark green with rose-colored veins. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Country Classic'

(Blansit) Red flowers. Dark brown leaves netted with silver.

E. 'Country Clown'

(Blansit) Red-orange flowers. Iridescent rose leaves with random pink splashes.

E. 'Country Color'

(Blansit) Salmon/rose flowers. Large iridescent rose leaves.

E. 'Country Copper'

(Blansit) Red-orange flowers. Copper brown leaves with silver and rose veins.

E. 'Country Cowboy'

(Blansit) Red-orange blooms. Dark green border, apple green center, silver veins. (Photos courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Country Kitten'

(Blansit) Red-orange flowers. Fuzzy chocolate leaves with broad silvery pink veins. (Photos courtesy of Diane Best and Dot Mann)

E. 'Country Love'

(Blansit) Red-orange flowers. Soft, rose-pink leaves, sunken veins with silvery center.

E. 'Country Moonshine'

(Blansit) Solid rose-red foliage, frosted overlay. (Photo courtesy of Diane Best)

E. 'Country Music'

(Blansit) Red-orange flowers. Bright deep rose with dark edges. Large.

E. 'Country Nightlight'

(Blansit) Red-orange flowers. Dark brown, rose-red veins, faint rose-pink margins.

E. 'Country Plush'

(Blansit) Leaves have bright rose center and dark green edge. (Photos courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Country Powderpuff'

(Blansit) Soft hairy leaves, silver-flushed rose, darker edges. (Photos courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Country Showdown'

(Blansit) Red flowers. Solid metallic rose to hot pink leaves.

E. 'Country Star'

(Blansit) Red flowers. Silvery aqua-green flushed with rose, becoming more silver with maturity. Rose-pink veins. (Photos courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. Crossroads

(E. L. Easterbrook)

E. cupreata 'La Solidad Green'

Species. No description available.

E. cupreata 'La Solidad Bronze'

Red blooms. Small, upright grower with stems and dark forest-green leaves covered in fine green hairs, dotted silver in center. Species. (Photos courtesy of Amanda Rhymer and Karin Dean)

E. cupreata 'Metallica'

Red flowers. Emerald green leaves with darker green overlay and silvery veins. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. cupreata variant

No description available. (Photo courtesy of Mona)

E. cupreata 'Viridifolia'

(Hook) Orange-red flower. Bright, shiny green with brown veins.