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E. 'Faded Jade'

(Lyon) Red flowers. Light green foliage is accented with iridescent silver veining. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean and Nikki Adams)

E. 'Fantasia'

Red flowers. Bright metallic pink leaves, green borders.

E. 'Filigree'

Red flowers. Large, vigorous leaves in several shades of green with silvery markings. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. fimbriata

Fringed white flowers. Velvety green leaves with silver markings. Species.

E. fimbriata 'Blue Heaven'

Lavender-blue flowers. Fuzzy, apple-green leaves. Species. (Photos courtesy of Dale Martens and Marjorie Bullard)

E. fimbriata 'Dudley's Silver'

Fringed white flowers. Green leaves with broad, silver midribs. Species. (Photos courtesy of Madeleine Gagnon)

E. 'Fire Ember'

Pink flowers. Brown, lightly dusted with silver, purple-tinted undersides. (Photo courtesy of Dory Lucas)

E. 'Fire Lizard'

(Jeans) E. 'Big Country' x self Under lights, the leaves are patterned like lizard skin with red veining throughout. 1983 (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Fire-Burned Island'

(L.C. Cheng)

E. 'Flair'

(Kartuz) Red flowers. Velvety, dark brown leaves with silver midrib. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Flamingo'

Tubular, medium pink flowers. Light brown, pebbly foliage. (Photo courtesy of Vicki)

E. 'Frosted Emerald'

Orange flower with yellow throat. Young plants are light green with a silver midrib. When mature, they become dark green with a broad silver and light green midrib. (Photo courtesy of Terry)

E. 'Frosted Mint'

Red-orange flowers. Mint-colored leaves with a hint of medium green in the background. Strong grower.

E. 'Frosty'

Red flowers. Leaves have green silvery markings. (Photo courtesy of Dot Mann)

E. 'Fudge n' Lime'

Red-orange flowers. Leaves are bronze-green and pebbly with silver-green frosted pattern.