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E. 'Hallelujah'

Red flowers. Chocolate-brown leaves with rose veins.

E. 'Hall's Choice'

(J. Bodnar) No description. (Photo courtesy of Violets4You)

E. 'Hartford Rennick'

(Baker) Red flowers with yellow throat. Dark pink leaves with silvery, pebbled texture.

E. 'Heartland's Graybeard'

(Martens) Dark crimson flowers. Large, charcoal-gray, very pebbly leaves with pinkish veining. (Photos courtesy of Dale Martens and Marjorie Bullard)

E. 'Heartland's Fleeting Gold'

(Martens) (Photo courtesy of Dory Lucas)

E. 'Helen O''

(Wesco) Pink leaves with dark green edging and lime-green vein down the center. (Photo courtesy of Nikki Adams)

E. 'Huronian'

Red flowers with yellow throat. Metallic silver with deep rose overlay.