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E. 'Lac St. Jean'

Orange/yellow flowers. Olive-green leaves, silver midrib, pink accented veins. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Lavender & Lace'

(Volkhart) Red flowers. Pink leaves with dark green-brown quilting and silver-pink lacy veins. Looks lavender in low light conditions.

E. 'Lemon Lime'

Large pink flowers. Two-tone green foliage. Vigorous. Large. (Photos courtesy of Carlynn)

E. 'Leopard Stripe'

Foliage is a creamy red-chocolate color with striking light olive and silver veins.

E. 'Lil' Lemon'

Soft green leaves, dusted silver. (Photo courtesy of Amanda Rhymer)

E. lilacina

Large blue flowers. Velvety, deep bronze-green leaves with bright silver-green pinetree pattern in the center of each leaf. Species. (Photos courtesy of Joyce and Marjorie Bullard)

E. lilacina 'Blue Nile'

Large, light blue fringed flowers. Edged, iridescent green leaves. Species. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. lilacina 'Chocolate Velour'

Large lilac-blue blooms. Soft purple-brown leaves with suede-like feel. Species. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. lilacina 'Costa Rica'

Lavender-blue flowers. Iridescent patterned leaves. Species.

E. lilacina 'Costa Rica #3'

Fringed lavender-blue flowers. Green patterned leaves. Species.

E. lilacina 'Lemon Lime'

Red-orange flowers. Bright green leaves overlaid with silver. Species.

E. lilacina 'Mrs. Fanny Haague'

Large lavender-blue flowers. Deep brown-green leaf with lime green down the center. Species. (Photo courtesy of Amanda Rhymer and Karin Dean)

E. lilacina 'Pale Lilacina'

Pale lilac flowers. Brown-edged, iridescent green leaves. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. lilacina 'Panama White'

White flowers. Soft, plush, purple-brown leaves. Species. (Photo courtesy of Dale Martens)

E. lilacina 'Selby's Best'

Light lavender-blue, broad white ring, pale yellow throat. Lime-green leaves. Species. (Photo courtesy of Janice Norton)

E. lilacina 'Viridis'

Lavender-blue, white around yellow throat. Dark green with dark edging on fuzzy leaves. Species.

E. 'Lime Aide'

Red-orange flowers. Light green, silver overlay, with yellow in new growth. (Photo courtesy of Kristina Schmid)

E. 'Lime Shimmer'

Red flowers. Two-toned green leaves.

E. 'Linda Bee'

No description. (Photos courtesy of Carlynn)

E. 'Longwood Gardens'

Red flowers. Dark bronze leaves with metallic lime-green veins. Compact. (Photo courtesy of Diane Best and Karin Dean)