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E. 'Macoo'

Red-orange flowers. Copper-brown leaves with silver-green veining. Fast grower. (Photo courtesy of Janice Norton)

E. 'Mahogany'

(R. C. Paquette)

E. 'Malay Ebony'

(Leong-Tuck) Dark green-brown leaves with red veins. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Malay Jade'

(Leong-Tuck) Orange-red flowers. Bright green leaves overlaid with silver.

E. 'Malay Plum'

(Leong-Tuck) Red flowers. Dark green leaves with iridescent plum-red edges. Compact.

E. 'Malay Ruby'

(Leong-Tuck) Bright rose-red leaves.

E. 'Matawanie'

(Croteau) Shiny dark-green leaves overlaid with dark rose quilted edges. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Mint Julep'

(R. C. Paquette) Coral blooms. Moss-green leaves banded silver.

E. 'Mint Sherbert'

Red-orange blooms. Lime green with medium green and dark green overlays.

E. 'Mont Royal'

(Croteau) Red flowers. Shimmering copper leaves, silver overlay, birght green midrib, darker brown edges. (Photo courtesy of Nancy Robitaille)

E. 'Mont St. Pierre

(Croteau) Pale green foliage with silver-pink overlay, darker edges, and brown veining. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Moonlit Valley'

(Thomas) Red flowers. Variegated cream and light green leaves shaded pink with yellow in the crowns. (Photos courtesy of Joyce and Marjorie Bullard)

E. 'Moss Agate'

(P. Arnold) Red flowers. Silver vein pattern on large green leaves. (Photo courtesy of Mona)

E. 'Moss Brocade'

(F. W. Mitchell)

E. 'Mountain Mist'

Red-orange blooms. Metallic pink cast on dark green leaves. Compact.

E. 'Musaica'

(A. Aidukas) Olive-green leaves with silver veins. Czech name for mosaic. Possibly extinct.

E. 'My Black Beauty'

Red-orange flowers. Soft textured dark green-black leaves. Iridescent midrib in rose and green, both on the same plant. There seems to be a few different 'My Black Beauty's around. This plant was acquired by Thad Scaggs from the hybridizer, so it is the correct hybrid. (Photo courtesy of Thad Scaggs)