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E. 'Raspberry Blush'

Red flowers. Large silvery leaves are bordered in dark chocolate-brown and blushed raspberry in the centers. (Photos courtesy of Mona and Karin Dean)

E. 'Raspberry Float'

Pink flowers. Silvery green leaves edged in bronze.

E. 'Raspberry Frost'

Red flowers. Shimmering dark raspberry red leaves with darker bronze edges.

E. 'Raspberry Parade'

Red-orange flowers. Medium-sized leaves of rose-pink with silver and green centers and veining. (Photo courtesy of Janice Norton)

E. 'Raspberry Parfait'

Large pink flowers. Shimmering, light green leaves.

E. 'Raspberry Tart'

Red-orange flowers with yellow throat. Large leaves of metallic rose are edged in wide bands of light brown.

E. 'Red Corduroy'

(Mrs. L. Spengler)(Photo courtesy of Tami)

E. 'Red Dawg'

(McGhee) Deep rose color with pebbled dark edges on mature leaves. Compact. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Red Flame'

No description.

E. reptans

Red flowers with white throats. Dark green with silver pinetree pattern. Species. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Ronnie'

Coral-red flowers. Chocolate-brown foliage with prominent silver-green veins. (Photos courtesy of Janice Norton and Karin Dean)

E. 'Rose Peacock'

(E. L. Easterbrook)

E. 'Royal Robe'

Red flowers. Deep rose-pink leaves.

E. 'Royal Ruby'

No description. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Ruby Glow'

(N. Blansit)

E. 'Ruby Red Dress'

Light red flowers. Chocolate, red, and silver foliage. (Photo courtesy of Joyce and Marjorie Bullard)