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E. 'Santa Marta'

Two-tone leaf with a dark bronze-green outer band and broad silver patch in the center. It has no pink tones. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Sarah Beth'

Dull silvery-green veins with checkerboard bronw quilting pattern overall. New leaves show much red and the red moves outward as leaf matures.

E. 'Sarah Ruth'

Red-orange flowers. Dark green with light green and silver veins.

E. 'Scarlet Ribbons'

Red-orange flowers. Striking red leaf color between silver veins that fades to bronze on older foliage. (Photos courtesy of Amanda Rhymer and Karin Dean)

E. 'Sea Cliff'

Red-orange flowers. Checkerboard-type but leaves are silvery and without quilting. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. 'Sea Foam'

Orange flowers. Very light silver-green leaves with edges blushed rosy-pink and then dark black-brown. (Photos courtesy of Madeleine Gagnon and Joyce)

E. 'Shaw Gardens'

Large lavender-blue flowers. Velvety dark bronze foliage veined in silvery-pink. (Photo courtesy of Carlynn)

E. 'Sherwood Forest'

(E. L. Easterbrook)

E. 'Shimmer'

Red flowers. Silver-green leaves with copper-brown edge.

E. 'Showtime'

Bright orange flowers with one or more dark yellow petals. Silver-green foliage accented with raspberry and bronze-green. (Photos courtesy of Carlynn and Mona)

E. 'Silver Crest'

(Mrs. J. Buynak)

E. 'Silver Crystal'

Silver leaves with dark green edges and hints of mint-green and pink.

E. 'Silver Dust'

Silver moss green with brownish checkerboard overlay, darker near midrib. Very small grower.

E. 'Silver Pines'

(Crandall) Red flowers. Silver pine tree pattern on bright green leaves.

E. 'Silver Queen'

Red flowers. Iridescent silver leaves with brown edges. Miniature.

E. 'Silver Sheen'

Red flowers. Wrinkled foliage with dark green margins and pale green or silver centers. (Photo courtesy of Dot Mann)

E. 'Silver Skies'

(Easterbrook) Red flowers. Silver-green leaves with dark borders. Miniature. (Photos courtesy of Dale Martens and Marjorie Bullard)

E. 'Sleeping Beauty'

(P. Schulz)

E. 'Smokey Emerald'

(R. C. Paquette) Red-orange flowers. Emerald-green and chocolate foliage with smoky-grey overcast.

E. 'Spearmint'

Red-orange flowers. Silver accents upon light green leaves. (Photo courtesy of Diane Best)

E. sphalera

White flowers. Small, light bright green leaves. Species. (Photo courtesy of Karin Dean)

E. splendens

Lavender-pink flowers. Velvety, apple-green leaves. Upright growth. Species.

E. 'Star of Bethlehem'

Cream blooms with pink stripes. Very dark chocolate-brown foliage. (Photos courtesy of Kay Mitchell and Marjorie Bullard)

E. 'Strawberry Freckles'

Pink and green leaf with dark green spots on the edge.

E. 'Strawberry Mist'

Red flowers. Very bright rose-red leaves that turn rose-gray as they age.

E. 'Strawberry Patch'

Red-orange flowers. Rosy-pink foliage with silver-green center and green-brown edge. (Photos courtesy of Nikki Adams and Thad Scaggs)

E. 'Strawberry Shortcake'

(Lyon) Pink and red-toned foliage. Large.

E. 'Sultans Jewels'

(E. L. Easterbrook)

E. 'Sun Dog'

Red flowers. Quilted dark brown leaves with red veins.

E. 'Sun Gold'

(M. Nagler) Yellow flowers. Pebbly, bronze-green leaves. Compact.

E. 'Sunshine Angel'

No description. (Photos courtesy of Dot Mann)

E. 'Sunshine Charlie'

No description. (Photos courtesy of Dot Mann)

E. 'Sunshine Crystal'

No description. (Photo courtesy of Dot Mann)

E. 'Sunshine Shadows'

No description. (Photo courtesy of Dot Mann)

E. 'Suomi'

Yellow flowers. Very dark green leaves with mint-green midrib. (Photos courtesy of Dale Martens and Marjorie Bullard)

E. 'Sylvan Beauty'

Smooth, silvery-green leaves with brown edges.