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E. 'War Paint'

Red-orange flowers. Dark green and pink veins, light green center. (Photos courtesy of Mona)

E. 'Western Red'

No description. (Photo courtesy of Dot Mann)

E. 'Westwood'

Silvery, hairy, medium brown edge.

E. 'White Queen'

(M. Cogswell)

E. 'Wine Brocade''

Red flowers. Small leaves of pink and wine color, many stolons. 1972 (Photo courtesy of Marjorie Bullard)

E. 'Witch's Kiss'

Red-orange flowers. Shiny puckered, dark brown leaves, embossed pattern. 1972(Photos courtesy of Vicki and Marjorie Bullard)

E. 'Wooly Bear'

Yellow flowers. Light green leaves with iridescent red markings.

E. 'Wow'

(McGhee) Red flowers. Maroon leaves with lighter veins. Large.