Please send your pictures and descriptions to Thanks.

~NEW~ 10-28-07 Added pictures of Cotton Candy Donated by Dory Lucas and a picture of Red Corduroy Donated by Tami. Thanks Ladies.

~NEW~ 7-16-07 Added pictures/descriptions for the following Episcia:
Chocolate Soldier, Dorys Golden Glitter, Dorys Pyroclasm, Jims Red Trail and Jims Rose Garden.
Thanks goes to Dory Lucas for providing them for us.

~NEW~ 5-27-07 Added pictures sent to me by Dory Lucas. Pictures added to following hybrids. Emerald, Fire Ember, Green Haga, Heartland's Fleeting Gold, Jim's Porcelain Doll, Peppermint Brocade, Pink Haga. Thank you Dory for sending in your pictures.

~NEW~ 2-16-07 Added hybrids listed at the Gesneriad Society Website. Pictures are needed. :)

~NEW~ 2-10-07 Thad Scaggs has sent in some new hybrids to add to the list. Be sure to take a peek!


If you cannot find a description for your episcia, be sure to look under the species names or try typing the name into the search box to your left. For example, 'Chocolate Velour' is a actually a species E. lilacina 'Chocolate Velour'. The species names are as follows: cupreata, fimbriata, lilacina, reptans, xantha. Also, there are two pictures of some of the cultivars. First wait for the page to load completely then just run your mouse over the picture.

If you believe a cultivar has been mis-identified, please let us know. We would like for this site to be as accurate as possible.

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